Restaurant window tinting

New construction and retrofit projects can benefit from window film installation.  Commercial window film helps balance building temperatures, reduces loads on HVAC systems, and controls the overall operating costs. Window film is a fraction of the cost of replacement windows and delivers a typical payback of 3-5 years or less.​

Benefits of Commercial Window Film:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Fast Return on Investment​
  • Comfort & Productivity
  • UV Protection
  • Safety & Security
  • Design
  • Commercial window tinting contributes up to 8 points towards LEED certification.

Restaurants, gyms, clothing stores, retail shops, offices and hotels see huge savings in operating costs. They also observe better productivity in workers who experience stable and comfortable temperatures.

protect merchandise from sun fade


Businesses can protect their investments with commercial window film. Solar film prevents the sun from fading merchandise like clothing and furniture. Even wood flooring gets damaged over time from sun rays streaming through windows.


Electric bills are lowered both in the summer and winter with solar film tinting. Depending on the shade of tint, blocking the heat from summer sun and deflecting the heat from escaping in winter can cut utility bills. Your Return on Investment can be as little as 3 - 5 years.

Reduce glare from office windows


Create a more comfortable work environment by reducing window glare. Reduce eye strain for employees working at computer screens. Cut reflecting sunlight from automobiles passing by on busy streets. Solar film produces stable temperatures in offices and restaurants which adds to comfort and productivity.


Other commercial products to control solar heat issues may include shades, blinds, solar screens, and light shelves – most of these have higher costs (material or installation) with less effective solutions. Shades, curtains and solar screens often obscure the view and do not block UV rays as effectively.